6 Stag Prank Ideas to Make the Stag Party Legendary

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All hail the stag and what he is about to experience

The stag must be truly embarrassed is an important objective of any successful stag weekend. This embarrassment can be achieved in a myriad of ways, but often by planning a stag party prank or stunt for the stag. This article isn’t about those stupid, not-quite-believable stag pranks we have all heard about – we cover that in another blog post. This is about stag prank ideas you hear about, and then think *Wow, that’s clever and funny – hat’s off to the best man.*

Here are just a few stag pranks to give every best man some great ideas for creating that perfect storm of skin-crawling embarrassment. Some you will have heard of, some not, and please add your stories and comments below this post. The more the merrier.

1. Smurf ‘n’ Stag

A stag do went to Ibiza a few years back, and took a 4 ft 4 inch midget along for the 4 days they were away. They also paid for the midget’s flight, accommodation, food, drink, everything which was very generous of the stag party. In return, the midget was body-painted blue, dressed like a smurf, and then spent the whole duration of the stag party handcuffed to the stag. You can imagine the stag and smurf had to do everything together: eat, sleep, drink, shower, you can imagine.

For any stag party happy to pay for an extra stag party member, this is an absolute classic, and the stag photos will bring a smile to the face of any stag for the rest of his life. You never know, he might even have made a friend for life. The midget really enjoyed the weekend, and is apparently available for hire. A twist on this stag party prank would be dressing the stag up as Snow White, and the midget as one of her 7 dwarves – most probably Grumpy to start with ! Alternatively, just dress up some victim in a Smurf outfit you can buy on Amazon and apply the same rules!
Verdict: Classic

2. Swedish Beards and Baldness

In Sweden, the stag doesn’t know what he’ll be doing for his stag party, or even when. He’ll just be ambushed by his friends, and whisked off for a day and night for his last night of freedom. This particular Swedish stag was no different, and the stag ended up skippering a sailing yacht for the day with lads onboard.

As he was the captain, he was dressed up accordingly, including a skipper’s beard. After a great day out with much to drink and eat, they landed on-shore and headed for a customary sauna before the evening’s proceedings. On entering the sauna, imagine the stag’s surprise at the bald nature of the best man’s pubic area, and all the other lads as well. At this point, the penny dropped as to why his captain’s beard had been so itchy all day.
Verdict: Classic

3. Glow in the Dark

Write something incriminating on the back of the stag’s fancy dress or going out shirt with UV paint, and he won’t notice a thing. Until you inevitably end up in a night club somewhere, and those UV lights light up your hand-written message to the rest of the dance floor.
Verdict: Simple and subtle prank

4. Shopping Challenge

Give the stag an envelope with some money in it, send him into the newsagent to buy a certain month’s edition of a particularly filthy top shelf magazine, and some tissues to boot. Make sure the money he has is 10p short of the magazine’s cover price. Who will be more embarrassed: the stag haggling the price down, or the shopkeeper?
Verdict: Awkward but funny

5. Dressing Up on the Cheap

Over lunch and a pint or two, names get put into a hat, and each stag party member draws out a name. The challenge is then on to buy that person’s attire for the evening. The catch is the budget is only £10, and charity shops are the only place to buy from. Of course, the best man can pre-buy the stupidest outfit for the stag beforehand, so as to ensure the he gets the biggest laugh. And the stag also gets a chance to get his own back on the best man if he’s clever with his tenner. This gives the group a lot of laughs and a lot to talk about, and should get a great reaction from the general public in the evening.
Verdict: Great value challenge for whole stag group

6. Fancy Dress

Dressing the stag up, or the whole group, can really create a great connection with people when you’re out and about, and make the stag party less intimidating. Here’s a few ideas:

  • The Stig – dress the stag up as the stig. You’ll get a great reaction and requests for photos, and why not tell people it’s the real stig from Top Gear?
  • Deep Sea Diver – dress the stag up as a diver, complete with mask, wetsuit and flippers. Make sure he doens’t overheat whilst making those shapes on the dance floor
  • Captain Hooks – dress the group up as pirates, and the stag as a man-size parrot.
  • Elvis – everybody gets kitted out as Elvis, get the song sheet out and start crooning your way down the high street


And that finishes off the six stag party pranks we think are real classics. As well as giving you a chuckle or two, I hope it gives you some ideas for plotting the stag’s special moment(s) of embarrassment. A moment of embarrassment he’ll remember for a long long time! Any comments are welcome below on great stag pranks you’ve heard about.

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