10 Adventurous Stag Weekend Activities & Ideas

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These days stag weekends are filled with so much adventure, so many activities, that it really has turned the ritual of pre-wedding celebrations on its head. It’s not just about going out and partying, it’s about creating memories and experiences the stag (the bachelor) will remember for the rest of his life.

With all this in mind, DesignaVenture has put together 10 of the most adventurous stag ideas, groups are actually booking right now.

The Fastest Zip Wire in the World

Snowdonia, Wales is home to the fastest Zip Wire in the world, that’s right people the world and it’s in good old Blighty. Expect to reach speeds in excess of 100mph whilst taking in incredible views of this beautiful part of the world. This Zip wire is also the longest in Europe so you and your stag party are in for a treat.

Rage Buggies

They are fast, incredibly agile and are an amazing amount of fun to drive and race. These rage buggies are a brilliant stag do activity as you’ll experience an adrenaline pumping speed, back of the seat acceleration and a kart that can stick to the track like glue. This activity is a true petrol head’s competition with the sound coming from the engine that will shake your bones.


If jumping off 80ft ledges into the deep blue excites you then this stag do idea is right up your street. You start with being kitted out in wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets and booties plus a safety talk with your instructor. You are then off, traversing rocks, climbing sheer rock faces and jumping off ledges of up to 80 foot high, no peer pressure however surely the stag should set an example.


There truly is only one stag weekend destination in the world where you can Bobsleigh properly on an Olympic standard bobsleigh ice course and that’s Riga the capital of Latvia. Reach breathtaking speeds around a bone-shaking course leaving you with the experience of a true Olympian! Available November to March.

Dodgem Racing

Bomb around a specially designed racing track in a wacky style fully race prepared saloon stock-cars which wouldn’t look out of place in the old Cartoon Wacky Races (look on youtube if you’re too young!). The only place in the world where a stag group can do this is Birmingham, and it’s not cheap, but we would say it’s definitely worth it!

White Water Bugging

If you want an activity which will sort out the boys from the men then this white water bugging is a true winner. You, your inflatable river craft and a mosh pit of white water to get through as you descend down the river. Don’t worry, you’ll have an instructor plus all your other mates following you down the river in their white water bugs.

All specialised equipment is included so all you need is your Speedos and a towel, oh and you’ll need to be on a stag do in North Wales, as North Wales is currently the only place in the UK where you can do this insane activity.

Air Combat

Also known as Fighter manoeuvres, this activity is in real fighter planes flying over the Nevada Desert in SIAI Marchetti aircrafts in dog flight situations. I did mention the Nevada desert so you’ll need to be on a stag do in Las Vegas, the only place this incredible activity can be done.

So you and your mates are in real planes in realistic dog fight situations, and if you think that’s cool, if you manage to hit the plane in front with your laser, smoke will appear from the “downed” plane! Please note real bullets and missiles cannot be used as they are deemed as “too dangerous”, health and safety gone mad!


If jumping off high ledges into deep pools, walking behind waterfalls, exploring caves and sliding down smooth rock slides off waterfalls into deep pools floats your boat, then Canyoning or AKA Gorge Walking is for you. Available throughout Wales, Scotland and Europe your stag party will love the thrills and excitement this activity brings.

White Water Rafting

Hurtle down an angry frothing river at breakneck speeds with your mates as you take on what mother nature can throw at you, OK you’re in an oversized dingy, but who cares this dingy is strong, sleek and will capsize you at any minute, an immense amount of fun! This activity can be done all over the world. In the UK, North Wales, 1 hour north of Edinburgh, and at man-made sites in Cardiff and Nottingham.

Quad Biking

Last, but by no means leasts, quad biking is one of DesignaVenture’s most popular stag activities and you’ll understand why once you have experienced riding these totally brilliant all terrain vehicles. No hill is too steep to climb or descend, no river is too deep and no mud is well, too muddy, for a minute then, it was starting to sound like an Adele song! In all seriously quad biking is serious amount of fun which your stag party will absolutely love and remember for the a very long time. Racing and mega long treks are available throughout the UK and beyond.

These stag do ideas are the perfect accompaniment to a fantastic adventurous stag weekend, the perfect experience your stag will remember for the rest of his days.

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