3 Smart Strategies for Staying Sober at a Stag Do

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It’s no secret that stag do’s, sometimes called “Bachelor Parties” are traditionally filled with intensely attractive fun and festivities involving alcohol and other recreational substances. That, in combination with high excitement and the chance to commit a few more immoral acts before verbally stating marriage vows, often becomes a recipe for pre-ceremony disasters for all stags involved with the merry-making.

There are many reasons to hold onto your sobriety at a stag do:

  • It’s better for your health
  • You’ll remember all the best embarrassing stories
  • It’ll keep you from drunk texting, or calling your ex
  • Way fewer embarrassing stories get inspired by sober gtags
  • Sobriety is a priority for any recovering alcoholic or addict
  • Your romantic partner won’t be as anxious about your participation
  • You’ll be able to ensure the bachelor arrives at his wedding on time and doesn’t end up in a copycat scene from The Hangover

Whatever your reason is for staying sober is, it’s acceptable and worthy of pursuing.

It’s also a pursuit that only requires a smart strategy and a reason to succeed that is bigger than your desire to drink or join in on any intoxicating activities. Thankfully, such approaches are not difficult to prepare for or carry out. With a little creativity and a lot of determination, you can maintain cool sobriety and still be a central part of the party’s life-source (if you want to be).

Here are 3 Smart Strategies for Staying Sober at a Stag Do, which you can use to do just that:

:: Tell EVERYONE ::

The most effective way of creating an accountability system you’re least likely to worm your way out of is to TELL as many people as possible; especially those super-annoying friends and family members who will tease and heckle you for any failures. To make this strategy the most effective during a bachelor party, you’ll want to go beyond the typical 1 or 2 accountability partners, and tell EVERYONE at the party; especially the bartender, who is likely the only person who will understand your decision without questioning it.

Informing everybody of your decision is the most robust way to secure in the minds of your friends and family, that you’re especially serious about staying sober and appreciate not being challenged or pressured. It will imprint that knowledge in YOUR mind too; the most important mind at the party.
Implementing this strategy well before the night of the party will get you into the right mindset and make it much easier to maintain your sobriety as long as the night goes on.

:: Plan Your EXITS ::

Yes, an exit strategy for leaving the party itself is essential and will be one of the most effective strategies you can employ to stay straight. Though leaving the stag do in a timely manner isn’t the only aspect you need to plan for. Conversations also need robust exit strategies; especially when intoxicants are involved. Alcohol, in particular, is infamous for altering our better judgment, making it much more likely that once your friends and family will pressure you to join them in inebriation, once they’re thoroughly sauced. The drunker they get, the less likely they will be able to resist pushing your boundaries as far as you’ll let them. If you’re not usually a person of strong constitution, that might make it particularly difficult for you achieve your sobriety goals.

Sit down and plan out 10 ways you can say “No” and 10 excuses you can use for getting out of any conversation. Start out with explanations and boundary protectors that are light but assertive, and then write down a few that are more direct. Follow that up by practising these conversation exits with a friend or with yourself and a mirror; ensuring the certainty of achieving your goals and keep you from losing your cool when someone who got drunk a little too soon, starts pressuring everyone else to join them.

:: Busy Morning-After ::

Another smart strategy which will help you assert your decision without looking as socially awkward is to plan to have something important you have to attend to scheduled for the morning after the stag do. Look for inspiration in activities you can readily suggest was “out of your hands” regarding planning, and that you had “no alternative” to accept the opportunity.

Possible morning-after priorities:

  • Doctor’s Appointment
  • Job or Client Interview
  • Scheduled Work Performance Review
  • Taking an Elder Parent on Errands
  • Picking up a Friend from the Airport

Any reason requiring you to be awake, alert and entirely sober the next morning, will be sufficient.

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