A Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning

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Wedding planning, though thoroughly enjoyed by the bride, is also something a groom should be involved in. It can be made quite easy and informal if the tasks at hand are broken down, from before the wedding (to the proposal), to sending out the wedding invitations, and onto the various details and elements of the wedding itself.  Here’s what a great plan of attack should be when it comes to wedding planning from the guys’ perspective.

The Engagement

Before you plan a wedding, you’ll need to propose to the love of your life. You’ll need to get yourself an engagement ring, and also find a way to get to know her ring size. You’ll need to let your inner Sherlock out, and figure it out. You can always go back to the jeweller after the proposal to get it sized, but wouldn’t she be even more appreciating if you find out beforehand.

Next is the styling of the ring and if she has certain preferences (such as she loves her Mother’s engagement ring); tune into those little hints and make her smile. Whether it’s a solitaire or a diamond band, you should be informed on colour, cut, clarity and carat before you set your heart on one.

The Engagement Party

Now that you’ve got a rock burning a hole in your pocket, go about planning the perfect way to propose to her, and don’t forget to have a friend be a secret photographer so you’ll capture the moment forever. After she’s squealed out a resounding “YES”, you should throw an engagement party to share the great news with your family and friends. Send out some elegant engagement invitations, maybe even a keepsake one with a beautiful photograph of the two of you and make it memorable.

The Wedding Planning

Onto the serious stuff! Once the engagement party is well and done, you will have to get cracking on the details of the big day. The date is an important one, so is the venue, the budget, the guest list and sending out those wedding invitations. You might even need to think of the honeymoon especially if you are flying out. If you want a destination wedding, then time is ticking – you’ll not only need to send out the dates before the wedding invitations to ensure they make arrangements way in advance to be there for your wedding day. It’s only fair.

The Budget

Now, a budget is a pretty good place to start so that you can ballpark a figure you are comfortable with paying for the happiest day of your lives. This will help in deciding so many things and usually it’s in line with the style and theme of the wedding too.

Wedding Invitations & Guest Lists

Once you’ve set the date, the venue for the ceremony and reception are the next two important questions which will be needed to send out your wedding invitations and stationery. Once that is all done, and you are on your way to selecting the perfect wedding invitations that reflects your styles, wedding theme and budget, you also need to draft up your guest list, refine it, and make sure you’re both 100% OK with it.

The Clothing

Look your best on the biggest day of your life. Sure, the bride will take the spotlight, but you are the man of the hour, so make a big impression. Make sure to get your suit made according to the likely climate of your venue/time of year. Also, break your shoes in, in advance so you’ll be comfortable. Don’t forget to give them a good shine too.

The Wedding Food

Food is an essential part for any event, let alone a wedding – let’s face it, you need to choose food that your guests will enjoy. A general rule of thumb is to have both meat and vegetarian options on the menu.

The Wedding Bombonieres

It’s good etiquette to thank your guests for making the time to attend your special day and share in the joy, so a little thank you gift would be a nice touch. Let your wedding bombonieres be something useful and add a little bomboniere tag with a special note to let your appreciation show.

The Wedding Dance

All eyes will be on you as you take your leading lady onto the dance floor for your first dance as man and woman. If you want to make an impression and not look like you have two left feet, then be prepared. Take a few lessons, or have a friend who’s footloose show you how it’s done. Maybe even make it a surprise for your lady!

The Speeches at the Reception

There are a few words to be said at your wedding, the Best Man’s speech being one, and possibly a few more. Now, consider when you are going to have them come up, whether it’s before meals or after. There’s a good chance that the nervous jitters will be less after a meal, especially with some dutch courage from the wine during the meal.

The Buck’s Night

Now, with all the wedding planning, you will need to let out some steam. So have a fun time with the boys, but don’t do anything that you’ll regret later. Have some cigars, a few shots, but keep in mind, don’t do it the night before the wedding. You’ll need your wits about you on the actual day!

Keep these in mind when planning your wedding. Be the man with a plan.

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