Groom Wedding Guide: How to Be More Involved in Wedding Planning

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Modern weddings are planned to every last detail, which in terms or organisation is a good thing but it doesn’t come without its drawbacks. Namely, the bride and the groom become lenient after hiring a wedding agency to the point that they turn into passive bystanders at their own wedding. Yes, there are too many things to plan and this cannot be done without outside help, either professional or amical but you as the groom should be involved in the wedding a bit more. This doesn’t involve only that one day but the period from the proposal itself all the way to the end of the honeymoon. A proactive role on the groom’s side ensures a memorable wedding and here is exactly how to achieve it!

The act of proposing

You kneel down, pop the ring and the question, she says yes. Sounds simple enough from the woman’s point of view but you have to do a lot of planning and preparing for that one, life-changing, minute. Perhaps the hardest thing in a proposal is for it to be a surprise, as women have a sixth sense, so it is very hard to surprise the completely. This is especially hard because a proposal involves a journey to some romantic destination, which will make it harder to conceal the real intention. That is why a family, gathering, a concert or a sports game can all serve as excellent decoys.

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The groom as the manager

One chore that should not be too hard for any businessman should be to take care of the financial planning for the wedding. The event might be special but there is nothing extraordinary when it comes to the business side of it. Hiring the catering company, checking if the suppliers have the goods you need, floral arrangements, last call to confirm the band is coming etc., are nothing out of the ordinary. Depending on the size of the wedding, you can solicit the help of the best man to handle part of the communication through e-mails and the phone, but you are still going to be in charge of planning.

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Including the best man

Except for the usual duties of the best man, he could be assigned with the role of a mock bellboy that will usher the guests into a photo booth. Yes, you read it correctly, an old-fashioned photo booth in a 21st-century wedding! Well, there is nothing old about its technology now and the guests will soon be lining up to have goofy photos taken. They will be great entertainment for young people who will share this experience on Instagram, while the older generation will bring back memories of the analogue booths of their youth. As the manager of the wedding, you will have no trouble finding affordable photo booths that will become the centrepieces of the fun and games at the wedding.

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The speech

Anyone who saw the movie The King’s Speech (2010) can appreciate the power and importance of a speech at an event that presents a milestone in someone’s life. No matter how sincere you are, nervousness and stage fright get to everyone, so be sure to set down on paper what you want to say that day. By doing so, you will avoid any stammering and you won’t embarrass yourself in front of family and friends, not to mention your significant other! Also, don’t draft the speech the night before but have it ready at least a week before the wedding, so you would time to practice it.

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Honeymoon planning

Your wife-to-be probably has a good idea where she wants to spend the honeymoon in, so it is up to you to organise the entire trip. Strangely enough, planning for the honeymoon should precede wedding planning as the prices are lower when you book early. Whichever destination you choose, always go for all-inclusive resorts that have special offers for honeymooners. Pick the season of the year careful, as Pacific beaches are not that much fun in winter because of the inclement weather and high waves. If your destination is a tropical one, then June or September might be the ideal time to enjoy the sun.

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As you see from the list of tasks provided here, assuming an active role in your wedding is not that hard. You will have help from others but certain aspects of getting hitched are really meant to be resolved by the groom, as is the custom in many cultures.

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