7 Wedding Ring Tips for Men

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It’s hard enough picking out a ring for your soon-to-be wife, but lots of us often forget that men pick out their own ring as well. You want this ring to represent both your intentions while still being practical within your everyday life. Unfortunately I can’t give you the perfect ring right off the bat, but I do have 7 wedding ring tips for men to make your choice just a little easier.

Choose Based on: Lifestyle

A wedding band for him must fit in with the man’s lifestyle. The design can look great of course, but you don’t want something that’ll be hard to wear or hurt your finger in some way. Consider a couple of lifestyle questions, like if you can wear your ring while you work and if working with your hands is a major part of your day. Your ring has to stand up to those activities, especially if you choose to wear it every day.

If you’re not wearing it every day, since your job is too intense, you might go for something a little more ornate. Those of you playing sports can even hang it on your neck when you can’t keep it on your finger.

How to Choose a Comfortable Option

Many men are really concerned that their wedding ring will not be something that’s comfortable to wear. Know what to look for beforehand when it comes to the shape and the width. A ring with softly rounded edges rather than just a flat band will sit more comfortably. The inside curve will help with that too, especially with a soft fit ring or a ring with a comfort curve.

The width must be perfect for the size and length of your fingers. If you have larger hands or longer fingers, you might like a band of average width or a slightly wider band. For those of you with slender fingers, 5mm rings are fine.

The Metal You Pick

There are many metals out there that you can choose from for your ring, like gold, titanium, platinum, tungsten, and silver. Gold has been the most popular choice, but remember that you’ll have to choose between carats and what type of gold, like rose, white, or yellow. For something simpler, titanium is strong while platinum is slightly heavier. If your budget is an issue, tungsten is one of the preferred options, and looks similar in colour to white gold or titanium.

You might even try matching metals with some of your other accessories, like watches. If you have a silver watch for instance, you might want to consider a silver ring that’ll look great along with it. Try silver instead of gold if you’re a little paler too, so your veins won’t appear as visible.

How About Gemstones?

Women’s rings often have gemstones, but we don’t generally think a wedding band for him would have gemstones. It’s perfectly fine to include gemstones however depending on your personal preference. Consider your work when you think about possible stones since you don’t want to risk losing stones by mistake, and never pick opals since they’re so fragile. When choosing gemstones, generally rubies or sapphires are the sturdiest.

Fit Your Personality

This ring will be with you for a long time, so make sure it’s something that you’d like to wear and look at every day! It can be something very simple, or have just a little twist of personality in it too. Try something with a two-toned pattern, or even titanium or tungsten for something a little unique.

The Final Design

You’ve found a ring made out of a metal you like, with or without gemstones, and that fits both your personality and lifestyle. Now you have to think about the overall design. Your ring can be made of one gold or mixed with other types, like rings with inlay stripes or unique patterns. As long as you don’t work too hard with your hands, or don’t wear it for work, all sort of patterns are acceptable!

Be Confident

After you get your ring, it’s important to be confident when you wear it. It can be slightly jarring trying to get used to a new weight around your finger, especially if you want to wear your ring for work or for everyday activities. That’s why you should try at first to wear your ring around the house to get used to the weight so you’re not thrown off by other activities down the road.


There are so many options when it comes to choosing the ring that will work best for you, from size and width to gemstones and overall style. It’s hard not to be overwhelmed, but as long as you find something that will fit your personality and lifestyle, you’ll be ready to start your new married life together. Just make use of these 7 wedding ring tips and your decision will be much easier!

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