5 Ways to Surprise Your Groom at the Wedding

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While the wedding is supposed to be the day for the couple, we all know too well that the wedding is all about the bride. By surprising your future husband, you can show him just how much you care about him and how you are willing to make this day special for both of you. After all, it is the little thoughts that count. So, here are 5 ways that you can surprise your to-be husband on your special day!

1. Everyone loves a good photo montage

Start from the day you both met, or maybe your first day. Use dates and events to make the photo montage even special and let it lead up to the day he proposed. If you have the technological skills, you could even create a video with a photo montage and a voice over. You could ask his friends and family to each say a personal message to him. Of course, you should play a major role in the voice over! Be sure to say something sweet and mushy, and you’ll have him teary-eyed in no time. What’s a better way to look back at all the memories you’ve shared together?

2. Involve the boys

He is going to marry you, which means his guy friends are going to have a hard time letting go! So, why not make them a special part of the wedding? You could ask his friends to maybe wear matching t-shirts which say something like ‘ Grooms crew’ or ‘Get him a beer because his wedding is near’. Just watching his guy gang unbutton their tuxedos to show off these t-shirts will have him all excited. You could even ask his friends to prepare a fun dance performance or a skit which will come as a total surprise to him. Plus, these will make for great pictures at the photo booth!

3. Dance your way into his life

Every couple has “their” songs which mean something to them or which have a special meaning in their lives. You could always choreograph a dance on that song, be it a solo or with your bridesmaids. You could tell everyone your love story through the medium of dance, or you could create a small musical which lays emphasis on special moments you both have shared. If you’ve got two left feet, you could even consider singing that special song to him. This will be a moment he is going to remember forever, and he will have the wedding videos to remind him if he doesn’t!

4. Make the wedding band special

Surprise him by having his favourite band or celebrity guest perform at the wedding! Wedding singing waiters are the best way to get your fiancé and the wedding guests into the wedding groove. If you cannot get the band that he loves, you can always hire a band or a singer which can sing his favourite tracks or play his favourite songs. Even if your future groom’s favourite band is a band you cannot stand, just make the exception. He is going to love the gesture and this will definitely help him forget the wedding stress!

5. Personalise the wedding ring

Personalised wedding bands and rings are the best way to tell someone just how much you love them. You could get a cute quote engraved inside the wedding band, or maybe even both your initials. You can even get your wedding date engraved into your wedding band. What you choose to get engraved depends on your imagination, but it is definitely going to make him feel very special. After all, he can proudly say that no other man has such this amazing wedding ring or wife.

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