How to Book Strippers for a Stag Party

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Are you planning a stag party and do you want to know where to hire strippers? In that case, you’ll find the present article useful. While this is widely regarded as a harmless and fun tradition, there are some things to keep in mind if you want everyone involved to enjoy the occasion.

First and foremost, the best man should make sure he knows the groom well enough to know he’ll appreciate having a proper stag party that involves strippers. Since not everyone will actually like this kind of attention and since it’s their party after all, you could be doing everyone a disservice by booking strippers. So make sure this is something the groom really wants, and make sure the bride wouldn’t be too offended or distressed about it if she were to learn the details!

If you’re confident that organizing a stag party is the thing to do and you’re wondering exactly where you can book some strippers, here’s how you do it.

Where to find female strippers for hire? What’s the Cost?

This may sound a little too obvious, but it’s just the plain truth: to locate a good stripper, you just have to find a good strip club! There is no better way to find a legitimate, professional minded and skilled stripper who knows how to put on a party, than by watching her in action.

The best place to watch professional strippers in action is a strip club, so start looking for the those! Depending on where you live, finding a “bare all” club could involve some travelling around, since these types of strip clubs aren’t always legal.

Finding the right stripper is the only hard part, and you may want to book several months in advance! Once you have the right girl, you won’t need much in the way of accessories, since strippers will perform in just about any venue that you choose for holding the stag party. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hotel room or your grandparent’s broom closet – you just need to bring in the stripper and she’ll work her magic using whatever resources are available. No dancing pole? No worries, the groom can double as one.

Regarding the cost of hiring a stripper, you need to keep in mind that you’ll typically get what you pay for. There are times in life when saving money should be a priority, but this is not one of those times! Since hiring a stripper and having a stag party is not something you do routinely, this is the time to go all out and hire the best professional you can afford.

A good stripper will usually earn three digits in a one-hour session dancing at a reasonably decent strip club. If you expect to get such a professional interested in your freelance opportunity, you should be prepared to pay just as much! You can get a sense of how much a stripper may earn by watching her performance on stage and asking some questions.

A really great professional stripper should make it to four digits from spending a couple of hours in a half decent stag party. This money will typically be divided evenly between actual fees and tips. Which brings up the issue – you should make sure to arrange for a good and generous tipping round at the end of the strip dance, since the performer will both deserve and expect it!

Do’s and don’ts of booking strippers for stag party

For best results, you may want to keep the identity of the stripper a secret. Not only will this add to the suspense and wow factor when she starts doing her act, but it will keep you from getting into needless trouble. You might be surprised to find that your generally pleasing hotel crew could turn out to be quite averse to having strippers on board, for whatever reason!

It’s also wise to try and keep the groom from getting too wasted before you bring out the stripper since many strippers will refuse to perform when the audience (especially the groom) is too drunk. You may also want to check in advance with the groom to learn where he chooses to draw the line regarding what he deems appropriate during a strip dance. You may want to ask this well beforehand to avoid ruining the surprise, and do it at a time when the groom has drunk no alcohol!

The majority of strippers will have a strict rule against having sex on the job and it’s important to keep in mind that you’re hiring a sensuous dancer – not a prostitute. With these things, however, there is a wide range of intense situations that may arise and spiral out of control, if left unchecked. As the person responsible for hiring the stripper, you should keep her under your wing and make sure that everyone is reasonably civil while watching the live dance performance.

Finding the right private strippers is only the beginning!

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