What Goes on Tour Stays on Tour, or Does It?

When I were a lad, the rules used to be very straightforward. What goes on tour stays on tour was the standard across the board.

Or, roughly translated…. do what you like and none of your mates will tell the other half.

If camera phones changed the rules. Then, social media really was a game changer. The jury is still out as to whether this is a good thing or not. After all, what harm can it do.????

Well, let me tell you. Plenty of people has come a cropper when their drunken mate has posted a pic of them in a compromising position with a stripper. Forgetting “that friend request” from his other half all those months ago.. ouch

In theory nothing has really changed but, in practice everything has. So, we have decided that the simple rule “what goes on tour, stays on tour” needs updating.

After all we all love social media and used correctly this can add some great banter to the weekend away. However, we all do daft things after a few beers that can look far worse than they actually are when splashed all over Facebook or Twitter. Innocent stag do fun can turn into major incident very quickly.

We would like to propose that draft 1 of the new stag rules looks something like the below. Please let us know if anything needs adding/amending.

1)  There needs to be a general consensus as to whether social media sites should be banned for the weekend. If there is a blanket ban, nothing changes and we can revert back to the old rules.

However, social media can be great fun. Especially if certain mates cannot make it to the stag do and want to keep tabs on the weekend. So….

2)  Nominate a “social media chief”. It will be their responsibility alone to publish stag do information. It is essential that the correct person is nominated, ideally someone sensible and half sober.

3)  Another good rule is “ only be social when you are sober”. This will mean some cool photos of the lads whilst doing activities etc but nothing from the night out.

4)  Use groups in Facebook. This is an obvious one which will keep things under control.

5)  Have a “post stag policy” too. This is likely to be largely the same as above but needs clarifying. Not everyone on a stag do knows each other. So, one of the lads can innocently get another in all sorts of bother without realising it.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am by no means suggesting that stag parties always have dark secrets or something to hide. We just need to be aware that things can be done in jest when out with the lads that look shocking out of context.