Stag Party Etiquette in 2021

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A groom’s stag party is a key event leading up to the wedding where they can escape from the stresses of wedding planning and enjoy a break and celebration with their friends. Rather than a night or weekend filled with punishment, embarrassment and excessive masculinity, the future-groom and fellow stags should have an enjoyable night that they’ll always remember (well most of it anyway).

Here are some tips on stag party etiquette to help you have an unforgettable and have fun at a stag do.

Before the Event

The Groom Picks the Guest List

The guest list at stag parties can be pretty varied. Some people like to invite their father, soon-to-be father-in-law and even younger siblings. Whereas some grooms may prefer to just have their friends there. Get a guest list from the groom of who they want to attend to make sure they’re happy.

If they do want to be surprised, speak to their fiancé to get a better idea of who to invite and make sure you don’t miss anyone out.

The Best Man Should Plan

The person the groom has selected to be their best man should take charge of the stag do. The reason they were chosen to be the best man is because they’ll likely be the groom’s best friend and know them better than anyone else.

Use your shared experiences and gauge the groom’s preferences to pick an event you know they’ll enjoy. If the groom specifically says they don’t want to do something, listen to them and respect his wishes.

Although the best man should do the bulk of the planning, setting up a group conversation with all the attendees is a great way for everyone to contribute ideas. Jobs can also be allocated by the best man to avoid putting too much stress on one person.

Avoid the Just Before the Wedding

It’s generally best to steer clear of having the stag do close to the wedding. Avoid a couple of weeks before to give the bride and groom plenty of time to sort out any plans. It will also give you time to recover for the wedding photos, catch up on sleep and get any wedding diets back on track.


When planning the stag do, you’ll likely be filled with ideas of amazing events both at home and abroad. Get an idea of the money everyone has available to spend and fit in with as many of their budgets as possible.

You want to have fun but the groom will also want everyone there who they requested. Keep in mind the money you’ll need when you’re there to avoid overspending.

At the Stag Party

The Groom Has Final Say

No matter what activity you’re doing, a general rule to have over the course of the stag party is the groom has final say.

If you’re arguing about which bar to go in, the groom chooses. If he says he doesn’t want to do something, don’t do it.

It’s their stag do, so give them the final decision of what you do. They should also decide when the night is over. When you can, stay up with them until they’re done celebrating.

No Hazing or Punishing

This point leads on from the last but is a definite must in 2019. Don’t embarrass the groom with public or private shaming, stupid costumes or enforced drinking, especially shots.

The groom should enjoy the day rather than being the butt of every joke. This should go without saying but don’t do anything potentially dangerous to the groom.

Stay with the Group

This is especially the case if you’re abroad or in a new city, but staying with the group will help keep you all safe on a night likely filled with alcohol. It will also help to keep the party in one location rather than unnecessarily spreading out.


If an activity has been arranged for a stag party, everyone attending should participate. This will help with the group morale and help everyone get into the party.

Not everyone has the same taste but you can sacrifice that for a couple of hours to enjoy what the groom does.

The Stag Doesn’t Pay

Although this will depend on your friendship group, the idea that the groom doesn’t pay is pretty common on a stag do. They’re going to paying for everyone’s dinner, drinks and more in the near future so share the cost between the group to avoid them shelling out more money.

Consider this point when you’re working on your initial budget to avoid unexpected costs.

Don’t Try Too Hard

There’s nothing that kills a party atmosphere more than having “fun” forced upon you. If an activity or game isn’t working for the group, don’t force it, just move on and enjoy the rest of the party.

Avoid Your Phone

Obviously, you’ll want to take your phone when you go on a stag do but avoid constantly being on your phone. You can take a break from Facebook and text messages for an evening and just enjoy the company of the people you’re with.

This being said, try to get a couple of group pictures early on in the night as a memento.

Don’t Skip Food

This one isn’t a rule but more of a tip; drinking on an empty stomach generally leads getting drunk too quickly, projectile vomit or both. Having a big breakfast before you start and food throughout the day will hopefully give you more stamina to see the celebration through to the end.

Get the Groom Home

An often forgotten about the part at the end of the night is getting back to where you’re staying. Whether you’re heading home or back to a hotel, someone needs to take the responsibility of making sure the groom gets back safely.

You’re all adults but it will save any issues of trying to locate the groom when you’re in a sorry state the next day.

Final Thoughts

Following the above stag do etiquette tips will help ensure everyone enjoys the event, especially the groom. Just keep in mind, this should be the aim of the stag party, celebrating friendship and the upcoming special day.

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