The Most Expensive Movie Stag Parties

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Ever wondered what it would take to party like the Wolfpack in the Hangover? As well as a liver of steel, it turns out you’d also need a whole lot of cold hard cash to relive their night of debauchery in Las Vegas!

For instance, did you know that if for some reason you decided to pull out your own tooth, a dental implant in Nevada could cost you nearly $3000? And if you fancy getting spontaneously married in a Vegas chapel, you’d be looking at least $1700 for a High Rollers ceremony like Stu and Jade’s (not to mention another $800 for the subsequent annulment…)

Mad Max Adventures have looked into all the costs of living the true Hangover experience, taking into account everything from basic travel expenses to damage caused, potential fines, and medical bills. So if you want to find out the final bill for the antics and shenanigans in The Hangover, look no further than the infographic below.

There’s also a bonus section included on The Wolf of Wall Street – after all, who could forget Belfort’s assertion that his bachelor party cost $2,000,000, including the cost of refurbishing the entire 28th floor?!

For a full breakdown of the costs associated with each movie, please follow this link here.

Wedding Speeches For All