7 Groom’s Responsibilities When Helping With Wedding Planning

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Simply popping the question does not get you out of wedding planning duties. It’s time to start sharing the load so that important duties get out of the way. Sure, hiring a professional coordinator can take the load off your chest, but it’s great to get yourself involved in the wedding planning too!

Here are 7 responsibilities we think all grooms need to take up to alleviate the pressure off of the bride:

1. Lending a Hand in Budget Planning

In the past, the bride’s family bore the expenses for the wedding festivities. But the long-gone tradition is taking a whole new course now. More grooms are getting involved in wedding expenses and the planning part too!

This is especially true for couples who may not have the scratch for a fancy event. If one side of the family takes on the expenses, it’s only natural for them to have more say in wedding decisions. But if both sides split the expenses, there will be an equal say in decision making.

2. Getting the Venue Right

Not much can change about this unless the groom proposes a fancy idea. While the location is usually the bride’s hometown, the bride and groom can collectively decide if they want a destination wedding instead.

A stunning wedding venue makes all the difference to lend your big day a majestic opulence. The whole and sole purpose of a wedding is to embark on a new journey exuding love and positivity.

3. Proactive Arrangements of Accommodation and Transport

Some of your guests may be flying in to be a part of your wedding, both on the groom’s and bride’s side. This can be one tricky task. If the groom looks after the accommodation and transport of guests on his side, it takes half the load off the bride’s chest. It’s a lot easier for the bride and groom to be responsible for the accommodation and transport of their guests.

Not only does it save a massive amount of time, but you will also have a clearer picture of how many guests you need to accommodate. Location is the biggest factor when choosing a hotel for your guests. The last thing you want is for your guests to spend time on travel, from the hotel to your venue.

Sit together and narrow down your choices of wedding venues. Take a thorough look at accommodations that are simply a car or taxi ride away. The last thing you would want is to see your guests arrive late to your big day.

4. Making a Well Thought-Out Choice When Selecting the Best Man and Groomsmen

It might seem like one of the toughest choices to make. Make sure your A-team includes your brotherhood and the bride’s younger brother you may have met twice. That being said, it can be challenging to narrow down the right number of groomsmen and decide who makes your best man.

Here are some questions which should cross your mind. Who helped you through the toughest times in your life? Who was your first roommate? Who was a part of all those impromptu travel experiences?

We hope these questions help you make an informed choice. On a side note, we encourage you to keep your A-team to five.

5. Carefully Plan Your Guest List With the Bride

Planning your wedding guest list might seem like a daunting task. Of course, your parents are entitled to their opinions but it’s you and the bride who have the actual say in finalising the guest list.

But remember that it’s also your budget and venue sizes that will help you decide who would and wouldn’t make the cut. So deciding who is and isn’t on the list should happen on the basis of how many people can fit into the venue and can afford to feed.

6. Deciding the Wedding Day Look

Of course, your fiancée knows your choices in clothing and might even pick out a few suits. But it’s your big day and you want to look your absolute best. You want to get the right wedding suit so that you steal the show! But also make sure your suit compliments her dress because don’t forget that it’s her big day too. So take into consideration the colour and design of her wedding dress. You might even want to do an engagement photo shoot with similar outfits to get an idea of how both of you would complement each other.

7. Planning for the Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is the perfect fuel to foster your love for each other. And once the mind-numbing wedding festivities get over, all you can really think of is a week-long vacation with your loved one. Honestly, that’s all you really need to unwind, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Sit together and narrow down your choices of travel. Perhaps there’s a destination you have always wanted to travel together to. Pen it down or pin the tab to your computer. From sublime beaches and private pools to adventure lodges and luxury tents, rounding up your choices is sure to stir up your wanderlust. And before you even realise it, you would’ve put on your travel hat to set sail on your romantic getaway!

Once you have the important elements of your wedding planning sorted, you can ease your way into other responsibilities. And finally, both of you can enjoy each other’s company before the big day arrives!

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