3 Luxury Stag Dos – If You Had The Money…

It’s an unavoidable fact that one of your major considerations when organising a stag do will be money. Apart from anything else, groups of friends tend to get married at around about the same age, and if your best man duties happen to crop up late in the day, you might find your mates have already spent most of their spare cash on Tony’s three-day bender in Budapest.

But let’s imagine, just for a moment, that money is no object. Maybe you’re all investment bankers, or someone’s numbers have come up – either way, in this hypothetical situation you’re free to spend as much as you want on whatever you want. What would you do? Where would you go? This, gentlemen, is our list of ‘If You Had The Money‘ luxury stag dos…

1. Rockstar On Tour

When I say ‘rockstar‘, I really mean ROCKSTAR – and this stag do kicks off with a trip in a private jet. All the boys pile into a top of the range air-bound limo at Heathrow, and you take to the skies for five hours of first class boozing and probably a fair few drinking games. Landing in New York, you’re chauffeur driven to Madison Square Gardens where security escorts you backstage and welcomes you to a VIP lounge stacked with fine food and abundant amounts of booze. Oh… didn’t I mention that? Yep, the whole group has all-access passes to The Killers. So you’ll watch the gig from backstage, get nice and lashed while rocking out to Mr Brightside and then – it’s not over yet – head back to one of Manhattan’s top hotels to party with the band. God gave rock ‘n’ roll to ya, and this time he’s letting you keep it.

2. Lord Of The Manor

They say you can’t buy class, but this stag do begs to differ. You and the lads have hired a massive country manor house for the weekend and, when it comes to luxury, on this stag you’re doing it old school. Servants attend your every need, the wine and port is of the finest vintage and everyone must dress in only the most exclusive gentleman’s threads. Your daytimes are spent shooting pheasant; the evenings are a hedonistic blur of caviar, Dom Perignon and the billowing smoke from fat Cuban cigars. Sure, you can hire a stripper – but she needs to be the kind that wears a corset, and preferably a petticoat. Expect to wake up on Sunday morning inside a suit of armour with a fat pile of fifties in your back pocket.

3. Brewster’s Millions

Ever see that movie from the ’80s where the dude has to spend thirty million dollars in thirty days? Well, you’re recreating that for your mate’s stag. You might not be flying out to some fancy foreign country for this one, but that won’t stop you splashing the cash. Based out of a top hotel in Mayfair, your stag is challenged to spend twenty grand in one weekend, and just like in the film he’s not allowed to give the cash away – he has to legitimately spend it. He has targets to meet and specific items to find, and any targets missed result in drinking punishments. Expect a weekend of fast cars, high stakes gambling and strip joints.

Luxury Stag Dos

If any of our readers are mad and/or rich enough to try any of these luxury stag dos, let us know. Those would be the kind of stories the world NEEDS to hear…

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