Make beer pong the theme of your stag party

The basics of the game – how to play and what the goal is If you’ve never played beer pong, then you will want to start with the basics of the game. The goal is to throw a ping pong ball into one of the opponent’s cups. If you succeed, then the opponent must drink…

The Pros and Cons of Buying Her Lingerie

Surprising your girl with new and spicy lingerie to set the bedroom on fire is always a welcome idea. Beware though, there are many things you can do wrong and even the slightest slipup could leave you sleeping on the sofa. Remember that you want to surprise her, not turn her into a cheap bimbo,…

Is Cereal A Soup? – Arguments To Blow Your Opponent Out Of The Water

Finally, you’ve found it, the only blog post on the internet that’s going to help you win the heated debate you’ve just been having with your friends on your stag weekend (or anyone for that matter). Because clearly, you know the answer to the question “so, cereal, it’s soup, right?”. Well, at least you think…

glasgow at night

Why You Should Consider Scotland as a Stag Do Destination

Going on a stag do this year? Looking for options on where to go? Looking for a crazy few days in Ibiza? What about Prague or Krakow? One place you really need to consider having a stag do at is Scotland. With its vast landscapes, amazing scenery, friendly culture and of course its unrivalled nightlife….

smiling groom holiding a bouquet

7 Groom’s Responsibilities When Helping With Wedding Planning

Simply popping the question does not get you out of wedding planning duties. It’s time to start sharing the load so that important duties get out of the way. Sure, hiring a professional coordinator can take the load off your chest, but it’s great to get yourself involved in the wedding planning too! Here are 7…

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Kick Off the Start Stag Do Experience

If you want to mix all that stag hype with a city that you always wanted to visit then I highly doubt that there is a better option than the capital of England. Cheap flights to London for a night are a great attraction, but spending a weekend of partying in this city with the…

stag do drinks

Stag Party Etiquette in 2021

A groom’s stag party is a key event leading up to the wedding where they can escape from the stresses of wedding planning and enjoy a break and celebration with their friends. Rather than a night or weekend filled with punishment, embarrassment and excessive masculinity, the future-groom and fellow stags should have an enjoyable night…

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Groom Wedding Guide: How to Be More Involved in Wedding Planning

Modern weddings are planned to every last detail, which in terms or organisation is a good thing but it doesn’t come without its drawbacks. Namely, the bride and the groom become lenient after hiring a wedding agency to the point that they turn into passive bystanders at their own wedding. Yes, there are too many…

bride and groom in a wooden frame

5 Ways to Surprise Your Groom at the Wedding

While the wedding is supposed to be the day for the couple, we all know too well that the wedding is all about the bride. By surprising your future husband, you can show him just how much you care about him and how you are willing to make this day special for both of you….

lisbon seaside

Lisbon – Suited for Any Party Imaginable

With its countless bars and clubs, Lisbon offers enough stuff to relieve your thirst for seaside and light the party flame like never before! You have a huge selection of options to experience the time of your life with your friends that will beg you to stay one night more. Whether you prefer to stop…