Stag Do Ideas

Stag do upshot
view from pavement after 10th tequila shot

If you’re racking your brains on some stag do ideas to make a middle-of-the-road stag do amazing, read on. Even if the location of said stag do isn’t anything to write home about, or you’re planning to stay in a complete hole, one of the main objectives of any stag do is to send the stag and lads home with a memory they will never forget. So just adding one thing to the proceedings which is something zany, different or off-the-wall can make those lasting memories…errr last. Let’s be honest; after that much alcohol has been consumed, you’re going to need something pretty in-your-face and different to ensure it gets through the haze and imprints on those memory brain cells!

Get the Stag Do Bonding

The “zany “stag do idea doesn’t have to be expensive, even better if it gets a good chuckle (from the stags and sometimes the people around you), and absolutely brilliant if it means embarrassment for the stag as well. Try and do something that gets the whole stag group involved, as it gets the boys’ bonding with some good old banter. This is especially important where the stag’s mates come from different parts of his life (home, work, uni, travels, zoo (!) etc). They won’t know each other that well, so to stop the group fragmenting, an embarrassing ice-breaker might be just the ticket.

The Zany Stag 7 List

Here’s 7 zany stag do idea categories to give you some ideas, and hopefully think of some other ones:

  1. Zany Stag Activities – get the boys active and working together with something fun and novel. Ideas include it’s a knockouthuman table footballbeer keg racingcliff jumpingcomedy club, and piss up in a brewery. My personal fav would be the piss up in a brewery, especially if you’re looking for a cheap stag do option. Find brewery tour local to you, get the group dressed up (stags go Bavarian, stag goes as beer wench ?), and off you go.
  2. Zany Stag Speed Ideas – if your stag is a speed freak, or a petrol head, something involving serious speed will go down very well. Try bobsleighingtrack driving or the good ol’ stag activity gokarting. Or go sillier and cheaper, and go to a waterpark. I did this for my stag do (albeit a water park in Madrid), and those slides are seriously fast. The bikini-clad scenery isn’t bad either.
  3. Zany Stag Events – picking the event can make that lasting memory straightaway, and makes choosing the venue a no-brainer. Examples include Oktoberfest and Rugby Dubai 7s, plus numerous sporting fixtures if sport is the stag’s thang.
  4. Zany Stag Accommodation – the guys have to stay somewhere, so why make where you lay your head a little bit special. How about camping, staying in a castle (try Barcelona for style), an ice hotel, a tee pee or even a yurt. There are lots of associated fancy dress available with these places !
  5. Zany Stag Fancy Dress – dressing up the stag is good old fashioned fun. Dressing the whole group up can also really make an impact wherever you are, and make the group more friendly and approachable to other people. (I saw a group of Elvis stags walking down La Rambla in Barcelona which got some real laughs from the locals). Ideas are almost unlimited, and could be themed with what activity you do, where you stay, etc. Here’s what springs to mind: mankini, gorilla, french maid, dress groom up as rabbit for paintball, or a green morph suit. My fav which I’ve seen in action dressing the stag as a diver with full flippers and mask/wetsuit – he admirably kept the flippers on to the early hours, even on the dance floor with the boys stepping on them all the time.
  6. Zany Stag Wind Up – embarrassing the stag is pretty much expected, assuming he has a sense of humour, and makes the best man’s speech a lot easier to write. Try kidnapping the stag, put a plaster cast on when stag drunkenly asleep (“I’ve broken my leg!”) drugs stash arrest (fake plain clothes policeman finds bag of flour on best man, arrests stag as well.), transvestite stripper (happened to me on stag do – very bristly!), or pick up a sexy hitchhiker.
  7. Zany Stag Life Skill  – learning a skill you can use after the stag do does sounds a bit wholesome, but it doesn’t have to be. How about commando and survival trainingcocktail making, poker evening/class, surfing, or learning how to butcher a cow. It might even make you decide a change of career is needed to become a professional mercenary, poker pro, surfing dude or butcher!

In The History Books

I hope the Zany Stag 7 List above has got you thinking about all the things you could do to make the stag weekend a complete and utter blast; a stag do that goes down in the history books as the best, weirdest, or funniest the boys have ever been on.