Who To Invite on the Stag Do?

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The bride’s sister-in-law tried to infiltrate the stag do incognito

As a best man, once you get over the euphoria of being asked to be best man, one of the first tasks is to decide who is going to come on the stag do. This is mainly down to who the stag wants to come but there are still a few decisions to be made. So the best thing is to sit down with the stag and ask him who he wants to come.

And that will obviously be his friends, of which he may have a lot, or he might have a tight bunch of close friends. Some of those decisions about who to invite may come down to what you’re going to get up to on the stag do – not everyone enjoys a footy game if that is on the cards, for example. But the stag is sure to want his close friends around him for his night or weekend of fun, exhilaration and little embarrassment for sure.


At the first pass, the stag will quickly get up to a core number of friends and that will be that. But it maybe after a week or two he may think of other people from a previous life that he doesn’t see so much of, ye still considers good friends.

After we ‘d decided on a group of eight, my friend Charlie then thought of someone who he went for a pint with a couple of times a year, and had kept in touch with. They’d had some good times together and was still considered a good friend, even though they now saw much less of each other. So he wanted him to come along. What else to consider?

Guys or Gals

Is it all going to be all guys? The traditional view is that a stag do is all guys and most people feel comfortable with that. But there are stags that do have very good female friends. A good friend of mine, Chris; his actual best man was a girl called Karen, so best person, a nd she organised the stag do. And there was another girl on his stag do, so all-guys is definitely not a given. A mixed stag group might help get everyone into pubs and clubs of course, rather than bouncers knocking back all men groups.

Family and In-Laws

Are fathers going to be involved? Or father-in-laws? I’ve organised a number of stag dos where the father was there. And the deal normally was that he came along for the evening session(s), then probably retired to bed early once the real fun started.

This seemed to work out well for all involved. I’ve seen stag dos with fathers and fathers-in-laws – some might think a bit excessive, but I have seen it. Or even future brother-in-laws. Obviously brothers can be involved, as they’re often asked to be best men so that makes perfect sense.

That’s all really. Once you’ve got the people, you want to get all the contact details from them like emails and mobile numbers. Then you can start organising the stag do. Probably the next step is to decide what the stag wants to do. And dates when people are available.

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