Stag Do Treasure Hunts In London

If you’re organising a stag weekend in London, one fantastic option for getting the lads all fired up and making the most of the city is to get involved with a Stag Do treasure hunt event.

There’s a ton of companies out there offering packages, some with a daredevil spirit for the mavericks amongst you, some on the tamer side if you’re worried about scaring anybody off. We’ve sifted through the best and given you a rundown below:

London Stag Daredevil Challenge

The big daddy of the bunch, this nationally-run tournament is bound to result in some pretty tremendous larks. Participants are given tasks in the form of a Twitter hashtag, and encouraged to produce the best photo or video possible based on that tag. You might get sent #FISH, for example, encouraging you to come up with some kind of hilarious fish-based shenanigans involving the Stag (they suggest slapping him in the face with one, which I think sounds like a brilliant idea). Winners are crowned the ‘daredevil kings’ at the end of the weekend. Click for info.

The London Treasure Hunt People

Altogether on the more classic end of things, The London Treasure Hunt People have an illustrious history in the business and offer a bespoke service to keen treasure hunters. Activities can be arranged all across the city, and those of you with an interest in London’s history can even get involved with themed historical hunts (although if you’re anything like most Stag Parties you’ll probably be more interested in making a twit of the Groom than learning about the rich history of Spitalfields Market). Click for info.

Taxi Treasure Hunt

The theme here is, unsurprisingly, the classic London black cab. In fact, a Hackney Carriage and a ‘friendly’ cabbie are included in the package, making the experience about as authentically London as it’s possible to be. Hunts are run off an Android Tablet (fancy) and can be documented through a flip video camera, both of which are provided by the company. There are various options on offer, from ‘Around The World in 80 Days’ to something intriguingly named ‘Taxopoly’. Click for info.

Gents Events

The Gents Events ‘DIY Treasure Hunt for London Stag Dos’ is best suited to those keen to make up their own rules – and if you’d rather not be restricted by guidelines intended for stuffy corporate get-togethers, that could be the smart option. While you are given a Party Treasure Hunt Pack containing a personalised map and clue booklets, the rules themselves are basically up to you, which leaves plenty of scope for dastardly Stag Do humiliation. The company themselves suggest turning the hunt into a pub crawl, thereby dialling up the carnage several notches. Nice. Why not throw in one of our 12 made-to-measure stag drinking games and turn the carnage into complete and utter stag mayhemClick for info.

Wild Goose Treasure Hunts

This company are pretty hi-tech, and will therefore appeal to the more technologically-minded Stag Party. Apparently they were the first people in the UK “to combine eye-catching design with innovative treasure hunt content”, so make of that what you will. Essentially this is a treasure hunt run via GPS technology and automated text messaging, offering an ‘all-bells-and-whistles’ experience. Click for info.

(Finally, one word of warning – don’t forget you’re in public! Slapping the Stag with a massive halibut is all well and good, but do try and avoid thumping any policemen with it. They might not see the funny side.)