Stag Do Survival

How to survive the stag do you organised as best man

Make sure you are on it, get the finer details bolted into place, this Stag Do will go down as legendary and the words awesome and epic will be banded around as many times as who wants a beer.

If you think your best man duties on the stag do finished as everyone paid up, think again. Here is how to nail it with the ultimate survival guide

So just a little word in your ear, get yourselves prepared… forewarned is forearmed.

Let’s lay it out nice and simple:

  • There will be copious amounts of alcohol to be consumed.
  • There could be pranks along the way.
  • Some not so pleasant surprises lined up for everyone’s entertainment except you.

There is a very lovely and yet totally terrified Bride relying on you to bring him safely through to the ‘other side’.



Starting with alcohol, you know, he knows and she knows that the amount expected to be consumed by the Stag is obscene. Beer, shots, strange concoctions as a result of drinking games will all feature in proceedings.

Whilst some are obsessed with their Fitbits you are in a totally different training mode, your end goal is a minimal hangover. Pre-training sessions down your local could be required, getting friendly with the barman and trying the full range of optics (not in one sitting).

Line your stomachs is your mantra, repeat after us… eat and drink, eat and drink. In comes the Beer and Buffet option, perfectly marrying (pun intended) up the party atmosphere whilst cannily lining your stomachs. Win/Win.

Water. Water. Water. Enough said.


what-makes-a-perfect-stag-night-costume-book-now-activiy-weekendDressing him up in fancy dress is funny. Viagra in a Superman outfit is funny. Shaving off an eyebrow, leaving him naked and on the train to Aberdeen is not funny.

Planning the perfect prank takes some thinking about and, well, planning. Don’t, don’t don’t let the lads get carried away.

Funny is good, sending him home unrecognisable and spoiling the wedding pics is not good.


Some could add massively to the party, others an unwelcome intrusion. So, you both need room in your bag for your Sense of Humour and go with the flow, remember revenge is sweet and your hour will come.

It is possible for you to keep some element of the party a surprise. Just remember the saying ‘it’s not you who can’t keep a secret it’s the people you tell’. Schtum and less people in the know will keep the element of surprise in place.


It would be much preferable if the Stag’s relationship with his soon to be father-in-law and even his own dad remained intact and survived the events of the stag do. So, maybe reconsider booking that stripper?


Yes there’s a very strong chance you will both be a little ‘delicate’ the morning after.

Ibuprofen and a fry-up tend to prove the most effective cures.

Loud activities, active activities or activities that involve driving are best avoided with the daddy of all hangovers. Something much more leisurely, maybe some fresh air, should feature during the expected ‘hangover zone’.

How about hair of the dog Brewery Experience?

Bestman Duties

best-man-duties-bowtie-optHe needs to survive at all cost, you too for that matter.

Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going.

Don’t be distracted from keeping the Stag as your focus.

You can and will survive. You can and will have a blast. You can and will live to tell the tale.