You’re Saying Ring BEARer, Right?

Bros are not so good at wedding planning. What’s there to plan, after all? You say “I do”, I say “I do”, and the deal is made. But let’s see things from a woman’s perspective (just for a second), for us the very ceremony is important, as for the men, they care about what comes after… and beer.

But, when a bro is wrapped in the sweet web of love and marriage, then it is important for him to think not only about himself. So, for a man participating in wedding plans (be it as a best man or groom), don’t get cold feet, we’re here to help you with the things you can and the ones you must do.

This looks like a job for a man

Let’s face it, all the fluffy, lovely and romantic things, are best to be left for women. Whether there will be orchids or roses on the guests’ tables really isn’t the most important thing you should care about. After all, no matter what decision you make it will never be good enough. So, let’s see what are the issues where a real man can roll his sleeves up and save the day.

Last Forever Part One

First is, of course, the big day before the big day. Yeah, we’re referring to stag party. Organizing such an event, may seem as a piece of cake, but truthfully, Hangover has set the bar high, so don’t underestimate the endless possibilities of unforgettable last night as a single man. A real man will write his wedding vows himself, and a real best man will help him by motivating him.

Taking care of the little things

Let’s make a reminder of a must do things. Smallest but the most important are the rings. Finding your very own two rings to rule them all can be slightly more complicated than it looks, so that seem as an adventure for the groom-to-bee and the best man. And the rings are not going to carry themselves to the altar, right? The two obvious choices sometimes aren’t that doable as they seem: No, you can’t find a bear to bear the rings, we can’t all be as awesometastic as Barney Stinson.


Two little Hobbits to carry the rings to Mordor, pardon me, altar, likewise, are not an option. But there is one little guy who can do the job just as well, your little brother, nephew or son of a friend. Dressing him in some of the adorable boy suits, will make the ceremony almost as spectacular as LOTR.

Patience is the key

When giving a helping hand in wedding planning, you should have a lot of patience for the things you don’t understand. These are the days when your normally funny and intelligent fiancée will speak about the things as “tussy mussy” and “calla lilies” bouquets. And don’t even try wrapping your head around the fact you are paying more than 600 dollars for a wedding cake, made with eggs and flour. It is what it is. So, in this process you should be somewhat Santa’s little helper, doing what you’re told without asking why. In some other matters, mentioned above, you can have crucial role in.


The key is to pick your battles carefully: knowing when you should have an opinion, when to offer your help and when to flee headlong. Try to understand when it is ok to be innovative, suggesting a theme wedding (if you’re fiancée is up for it, why not), who wouldn’t like a light sabers passage to the church or city hall?

At the end, what there’s left to say, then, “By the power administered to me by  Grayskull, I pronounce you man and wife, or man and best man, in the richness of the Lannister’s, misfortune of the Stark’s, in zombie apocalypse and happily ever after.”