Stag Do Treasure Hunts In London

May 30, 2013 Geoff 0

If you’re organising a stag weekend in London, one fantastic option for getting the lads all fired up and making the most of the city is to get involved with a Stag Do treasure hunt […]

Duties of Best man: Key people to remember

April 25, 2013 Geoff 0

It’s easy to forget some one important; Batman reverse’s the Bat mobile into the cave because he’s left Robin behind again. You realise you’ve left a six foot long corpse on the floor of the bedroom, it’s […]

Stag themes: The soundtrack to your stag do

March 14, 2013 Geoff 0

Between buying the booze, booking the accommodation and tracking down the skimpiest, pinkest mankini known to man, you may well find that when organising your mate’s Stag Do you neglect to think about playlists. Music […]

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