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  2. 600 words minimum
  3. Informative. No sales pitches, no press releases
  4. Contain at least 1 image
  5. 1 link in the post and 1 in the author bio are allowed, plus any relevant links to authoritative sites like Wikipedia, BBC News, etc.
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  1. Guest Post for bestmansbestman.co.uk

    Hi there!
    Nice to virtually “meet” you! I am a freelance writer looking to gain more experience and boost my portfolio by contributing to blogs and sites such as yours, http://bestmansbestman.co.uk/ . I love sharing my writing with other readers and love writing about everything from travel to design to wedding planning tips.
    After spending a semester abroad as an art student I decided to travel all over the world to learn more about art and different cultures. If you are looking for some travel and design tips or reviews, I’m your girl!
    You can view some of my writing on my website,https://amberthekingsley.jux.com/.
    I would love to collaborate with you on an article and can send you a couple ideas I have floating in my head for your site!
    Amber Kingsley

  2. Hi!

    Hope you’re keeping well!

    I am Flora and am an avid reader and blogger, a passion which I think we share.
    Your blog “bestmansbestman.co.uk” the most interesting I have come across in the recent past, hands down!
    The writer in me is yearning to write a piece on for your blog on the topic titled :best 3 wedding destination in turkey”.

    Awaiting your reply


  3. Hi there,

    Are you open to guest posting on your site? I am willing to provide unique content, you pick the topic. I can also pay you $, willing to pay $5 per 1x Pagerank your site has, with a max of $20 for a PR4 domain (If you have any PR5+ domains I might be able to pay a bit more).

    I can send some topic ideas and you can pick out the one you like the best. I’ll write it up and send you a paypal payment when it’s posted.

    Do you want to see some sample posts I’ve done or some sample topic ideas for your site?

    Best regards,

    P.S. Can I send you some samples of my work?

  4. Hi

    I would like to write a Guest Post for bestmansbestman.co.uk

    Please let me know if you still accept guest posts to send you topic ideas for your approval.

    Thank you.

    Samantha (samanthacollins.blogspot@gmail.com)

  5. Hello Best Mans Best Man Editor,

    I hope you’re doing great!

    I’ve got few guest post topics that you may like to publish on your website, here:

    1- 5 Spring Wedding Ideas That Will Rock Your World

    2- Wedding Planning Checklist: 7 Key Elements

    3- 7 Essential Wedding Planning Tips For All Soon-To-be-Weds

    4- How To Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day

    I am certain your audience would love reading about it.

    Would you like to have a look at it please?

    In the case, you’re not satisfied with the topics mentioned above, I can write on any other topic of your choice.


    Kristal Bean

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