Budapest vs. Prague

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Eastern Europe is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich regions in the world. The area offers gorgeous scenery meshed with an urban plethora of history and architecture. These features make Eastern Europe a popular tourist destination.

Prague and Budapest are two of the most frequently visited cities in this part of the globe. The two travel destinations both offer visitors a once in a lifetime experience, but they also support a unique style and flair. Here are a few of the main difference you’ll want to consider as you begin planning your travel itinerary:

City Layout

City layout is a big deal when it comes to travel. You’ll want to consider how much you’re willing to walk each day when determining which city to visit. Prague is much more congested than Budapest with major attractions landing just a few minutes from one another. If you stay in the city’s center you should be able to walk to almost any attraction with few problems. Budapest is much more spread out than Prague creating distance between attractions and making it more difficult to navigate on foot. You may need to take taxis throughout the day unless you enjoy a long day of walking.

Crowd Control

The layout of each city also contributes to the crowding of the city’s streets. Prague’s more concentrated layout makes it much more crowded on average than you’d see in Budapest. The shoulder-to-shoulder traffic in Prague can be maddening and increase your travel time from point A to point B. Budapest enjoys a more spacious environment and lacks the crowding that visitors will experience in Prague.

City Architecture and Modernization

Budapest has a much more authentic feel than Prague. Many parts of Budapest still show the scars of World War II and the time when the city was under Soviet control. A lot of the buildings are run down and reflect the city’s war-torn heritage. Many of the beautiful buildings are empty and have not been reoccupied since the war. Prague is much shinier and feels much more modern than neighboring Budapest. The modern and intricate architecture of the city is unprecedented. Travelers who enjoy a more rugged escape might pick Budapest, while visitors looking for entertainment and glamour might opt for the more pristine city of Prague.

Cuisine Options

Budapest is home to much fancier dining options than Prague. The city houses four Michelin Star Restaurants versus two in Prague. Budapest also has a much more diversified cuisine pallet. They offer a wealth of international food options which is great for the homesick traveler. Prague features delicious, but more local cuisine which can take a toll if you’re a picky eater.

Alcohol Offerings

Prague is famous for its delicious variety of craft beers. Beer is cheap in the city and every pub will offer a unique brew. Budapest is more renowned for their fine wines. You can still find a beer in the local pubs in Budapest, but wine is definitely the preferred drink of choice for the locals.

Local Attitude

One of the biggest things to consider when traveling is the local response to tourists. Some cities are much more welcoming than others when it comes to visitors. Prague natives tend to be more reserved and closed off to visitors while locals in Budapest give off a much more welcoming demeanor. In fact, there are some local stag do companies that help greet visitors and introduces them to the best parties and activities in the city. In addition, younger natives in Budapest tend to speak much better English than those in Prague.

These are just a few of the main differences you’ll experience while visiting these two fantastic cities. Both options offer beautiful architecture, history, and city views and will provide you with an experience you won’t soon forget. Overall, your decision rests in your preferences as a traveler and the type of experience you want to have. Enjoy!

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