6 Things Groomsmen Always Forget

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As part of a husband and wife team (Chris and Becca Photography) I spend every wedding morning with the groom and groomsmen. I’ve seen it all and I’m here to help! Most likely the groom has been the one organising the guys until the big day finally comes, and there is a very good chance he gets a bit “deer in the headlights.” This is where the best man and his boys need to step up. So here are a list of common problems easily solved with a little planning.

1. How to tie a tie or bow-tie

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to tie a groom’s tie at a wedding. Inevitably, someone ends up having to look up a video on YouTube and learn how to tie it on the spot. And remember it is a special day, so even if you can tie a normal tie you might want some practice tying that double Windsor or something more exotic before the day of. The groom may even be wearing a bow tie, which is even trickier to get perfect! Know what the groom wants ahead of time and take the time to make sure you know how to help him out.

2. How to put on a boutonniere

This sounds like something that would be self-explanatory, but is actually surprisingly difficult.

  • Place the boutonniere on the Groom’s left lapel (this means it’s on your right!)
  • Make sure the boutonniere is above the breast pocket, but not so high that any part of the boutonniere goes above the shoulders.
  • When the boutonniere is in the correct place, place the pin from inside the lapel through the stem and back into the lapel. It may take a few tries, since boutonnieres can usually be pretty thick, but be patient!

3. Decorate car or limo. Put their luggage in it for them.

Although this is a task that’s often overlooked, it’s such a fun surprise for the couple. This is something that requires some planning ahead. You need to know what vehicle the bride and groom are leaving in and what time. It’s easy to find fun and cheap decorations at the dollar store, and you can easily match them to the couple’s wedding theme or colours. Find a time during the reception to sneak out and decorate it is something that is often overlooked. I recommend setting a reminder on your phone to do this, since people usually get caught up in dancing and forget until the bride and groom are walking out the door!

And of course make sure the bride and groom don’t need to carry their own luggage. Coordinate with them and make sure all of the bags they need are in their getaway car before the ceremony even begins.

4. Try on their suits and everything BEFORE

All suit rental places make mistakes, and some places make them more than others. There’s nothing more stressful than getting dressed an hour before the ceremony and realising your suit doesn’t fit, or you’re missing something important. Make sure to try on every single thing right in the store when you pick up your suit or tux, and again the night before the wedding to make sure you have all the pieces you need. I’ve seen pants given 10 sizes too large, and vests that were forgotten to be put in the bag!

5. Double check all small items morning of/night before.

This goes hand in hand with trying on your suit beforehand. The night before the wedding, make sure you, the groom and groomsmen have everything you need for the next day. This includes shoes, socks, belt, vests, ties, pocket squares etc…

6. Prepare your speech.

This is another one that seems self explanatory, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of people that try to wing their speeches. It almost never turns out how you’ve imagined it! There’s nothing more awkward than a Best Man standing in front of the couple when it’s speech time, with a “deer in the headlights” look on his face. Take the time to prepare your speech, whether it’s fully written word for word or bullet points.

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