Stag Do Rules – Fatal Mistakes NOT To Make!

“Mike’s cocktail mixing technique had never been especially hygienic…” (image courtesy Kris Hewitt)

There are certain pitfalls that even the wiliest Stag Do organiser can find themselves falling prey to, and because we’re caring types here at Best Man’s Best Man, we thought we’d spell out seven of the worst for you in plain terms to help you avoid dropping a clanger.

1. Breaking the Law

We’ve all seen The Hangover, and it’s hilarious, but ending up on the wrong side of the law in real life is typically much less amusing. [pullquote position=”right”]As a general rule, you want the only women in police uniform you interact with on the Stag Do to be the kind who very soon take that uniform off again.[/pullquote]

2. Getting Arrested

A friend of mine did this a couple of weeks ago in Liverpool – just the kind of bloke who you always knew would one day end up getting nicked on a Stag Do. Admittedly it now makes for a great story, but it pretty much ruined his weekend. [pullquote position=”right”]And if you’re stagging in Brazil or similar…? Yep. You definitely want to avoid those prisons.[/pullquote]

3. Completely Destroying the Groom

This can be something of a careful balance. Too little punishment and the spirit of The Stag will not be upheld, but too much and you risk ending the weekend before it’s begun. Some blokes can take it, of course, but everyone eventually has their limit. You want to make the most of your forty-eight hours together, and [pullquote position=”right”]it genuinely is less fun if the Groom spends the entire time puking into his shoes.[/pullquote]

4. Bankrupting Everyone

This is a very common error. Remember not everyone will have the same amount of money to spend, and unless you’re all premiership footballers the budget line has to be drawn somewhere. If you run up a huge Stag Do bill before anyone’s even downed their first pint of snakebite, you won’t be winning any popularity contests.

5. Trying to Fit too Much in

Essentially, Stag Weekends are about boozing, pranking and talking rubbish. It’s always good to weave in some set pieces along the go-karting / paintballing / clay-pigeon shooting lines, but don’t make the mistake of packing every last minute with some form of activity or other, or it might start to feel like Scout Camp.

6. Freestyling It

…And on the other end of the scale, don’t assume that you’ll just be able to ‘find stuff to do’, especially if you’re in a foreign country. I know one guy who organised a Stag Do in Barcelona but got so caught up with flights and passports that he hadn’t made a single plan for after they’d arrived. That turned out to be one loooooong, dull and expensive weekend.

7. Starting Fights

Fortunately for me, I’m the kind of person who will probably never get into a fight in his entire life. However, I know this ain’t the case for everyone, and [pullquote position=”right”]certain fellas we all know – especially once they’ve got a few pints inside them – are prone to go looking for somebody to lamp.[/pullquote] However, this will not be the icing on the cake of your Stag Weekend; in truth it’ll just be a massive pain in the arse. Be on red alert for any possible troublemakers, and make sure you know how to diffuse them if things get a bit heated outside Yates’ Wine Lodge.

If you’ve had any ropey Stag experiences and think you can add to these seven rules, let us know in our comments section! Whether you were the Best Man, the Stag or just one of the party, we’d love to hear about it. Go on, share. You know you want to.

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  1. Yes stags please take the advice above! Noone wants ‘The Hangover’ to become real, or a bride to be left at the altar with no groom due to the mayhem from his stag do!

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