Killer Gags for Future Stags

With the stag night approaching, the best man has a lot of things on his mind. Organizing the stag party sometimes seems more complicated than the reception itself. If truth be told, mostly because brides plan most of the reception. However, sooner or later the best man and the groom need to sit down and plan the big night. How far should they go and where should they hit the brakes?

The fewer, the merrier

A stag party should not turn into a messy orgy. Inviting too many guys for that night will just kill the excitement. A better solution is inviting only groom’s true friends and close relatives.


Gathering the guys who know him better will make the whole atmosphere more intimate and familiar, which a perfect environment for storm-before-the-calm stag actions. After all, you do not want to watch a guy barely know throw up from your balcony at 3am. Let your cousin do that; at least you can slap him for polluting your balcony railings.

Drinking games light marital flames

An alcohol-free stag party is like lasagna without minced meat; it is possible, but it is pointless. So, once you and your best man have calculated the number of invitees, ask them about their drinking preferences. Get enough drinks, so that you do not have to knock on the local liquor store at 2am, asking for another bottle of vodka.


It is clear that only drinking and sitting will soon become boring. To spice things up a little bit, you only need a dice. It is unbelievable how productive and entertaining a single dice can be for guys at a stag party. In addition to this handy object, check some other drinking games for a stag night. Of course, the best man should make the crew drink less than the groom, for obvious reasons.

(No) chance for romance

Knowing that tomorrow or in a few days you are going to make a commitment for life is pretty scary. So, some grooms do not hesitate do flirt a bit on their stag night. It almost goes without saying, like some kind of rites of passage to the world of serious, adult people. The problem is that some grooms get too playful and cross the line. Here is where the best man and his duties come on stage.


How can he prevent the stag from ruining the wedding? Well, he could start a game in which all the guys from the crew should write down a few embarrassing ice-breaking lines for approaching women. Then the notes should be jumbled up and each guy should choose one of them, without looking at the messages. So, even if the groom gets carried away, the embarrassment will momentarily kill the sudden romance.

Posing and liquor overdosing

The best man’s other stag night attendees should make sure that their beloved groom knows well what he did that night and how he behaved. Also, his wife to be would probably be interested in such materials. In order to make both of them remember the stag night, the groom should be photographed as much as possible.


A chronological album, with photos from the beginning to the end of the night is a great way for achieving that. Who knows, maybe he actually turns out to look handsome and the bride decides to keep those brotherly love pictures and cherish them more than the ones from the wedding.

No stag party is easy to organize and survive. But as long as the groom is kept away from high objects and lap dancers, the wedding is going to be held and the whole crew can repeat the (almost) whole thing at the wedding reception.