Funny Stag Do Ideas – Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em laugh…

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“There were many who assumed Phil was amused by the Groom’s jokes. In fact, he was just being pleasured by a dwarf.” (image courtesy Stewart Black)

Stag Dos, at the end of the day, are meant to be funny. There’ll be boozing, singing, possibly some deep and meaningful conversations and definitely a bordering-on-immoral amount of farting, but if you can ensure that the lads have a bloody good laugh while they’re at it, then you’ve crossed the biggest hurdle. All of which means that, if you’re the one in charge, you might well be on the lookout for some funny Stag Do ideas.

In the interest of catering for all, we’ve sorted these golden nuggets of comedy wisdom into three categories, ranging from simple stag stunts that absolutely anyone could throw together right up to heists that you’d have to pretty much be an Arab oil billionaire with a degree in astro-physics and a direct line to The Pentagon to pull off. Enjoy!


At the ‘Tesco Value’ end of the scale, there are all sorts of things you can do to create hilarity with the absolute bare minimum of effort or expense. Definitely worth considering if your Stag is into gentle tomfoolery, but has been known to shed the occasional tear at BBC period drama.

Fancy Dress
It doesn’t get much more classic than fancy dress on a Stag Do, and it’s just about the easiest way to get laughs. Women’s clothing, man-on-emu and leather gimp-suit all work exceptionally well.

Water bombs
Find a way to get the Stag out of the way for half an hour, then gather together a bunch of guys to fill a wheelbarrow with water balloons. When the Stag returns, pelt him mercilessly. Nobody gets hurt, and everybody has a giggle. Simples.


We’ve definitely stepped up a gear here. These suggestions are potentially very funny, but need to be inflicted on the right kind of person i.e. someone with a robust sense of humour, and preferably nads of steel.

Electronic Dog Collar
This is where is starts to get brutal. Let’s just say that the guy I know who recently spent his Stag Weekend being sporadically stunned via a remote-controlled electronic dog collar was an Army Officer, and most of his mates were Marines. Apparently it was hilarious, but not for the faint-hearted. You try this on too sensitive a fella, and he might accidentally soil himself (mind you, that would be hilarious…).

Laxative Brownies
Speaking of people accidentally soiling themselves, if your Stag can take a joke and the members of your party regard pooing as amusing (a given), then you might be on to a winner here. Get your resident ‘Nigel Lawson’ to bake some brownies, ensuring that one special batch – intended for the Groom – is laced with laxatives. Set up a mandatory brownie-eating competition on the first night, then stand back and let the carnage ensue.


Let the games begin…

The Kidnapping
You may well have heard of this one by now, as it’s doing the rounds. Faking the Stag’s kidnap via the use of an unmarked van and Russian actors in balaclavas is elaborate, very risky and could easily backfire – but hey, that’s the whole point of level 3, right?! Side-splittingly funny if it works, and a story you’ll be dining out on for decades.

The Morning After
Again, logistically troublesome, but with high rewards if you can pull it off. You need to get the Groom nice and hammered, preferably smashed enough that he passes out with little memory of the night before. Sneak into his room early in the morning with some of the lads, and a willing female participant who creeps into bed next to him. When he wakes up next to her, he’ll assume they’ve shagged. Then you guys all burst out of the ensuite bathroom, laughing your arses off. Priceless.

Hilarious Stag Do Costumes

Get the groom dressed up in one (or more) of these costumes and you’ll make the stag do epic!

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