Epic Stag Do Ideas – Organise the Most Cracking Night Ever!

stag do drinks

So, your best bud is tying the knot – congratulations! We could go on and on about how happy he is going to be, how the time the two of you have spent together was the best one ever, and how much these memories are going to mean to both of you in the future. We could, but we won’t. Instead, we are going to give you a few useful (and awesome) ideas on how to organise the best stag party this world has ever seen.

Light it up

In case your friend doesn’t want a wild party, there is no reason not to make it epic nevertheless. You could all have fun in the backyard while barbecuing and drinking imported beers. Adding a game or two and some interesting sweets is also a good idea, so make sure you prepare drunken gummy bears and some games like beer pong or battle shots. You can also get creative and make a small quiz on how well you guys know each other and share the best (and the wildest) memories you all have.

Arm yourself


Hey, have you thought about guns? Guys love guns almost as much as they love whiskey and beer, so why not let them play a bit? For your epic stag party, all you guys could go hunting or play paintball. If you chose paintball, there are some unwritten rules you should all follow: One – the groom and his team must win the game (because they simply must, you understand). And two – you must not, under any circumstances, let them know that you are letting him win; it will hurt his pride. This is a great way to bond, share some old memories and make a few awesome new ones.

Make sure you have it on record


Of course, all these super manly and super fun things you have planned will be awesome and memorable, but as the time passes, the details may fade from your minds. This is the reason why you should hire a photographer to take great photos of your party. Many photographers who do wedding photography in Melbourne will give you a discount on stag and hen parties too, so you don’t have to worry about that. This will also allow you to enjoy the evening, not being merely the observer and not worry about taking your camera with you.

Whiskey tasting


Is there anything more manly than whiskey? No, we don’t think so either. This is why you could arrange an epic whiskey tasting on you manliest night ever, and make sure all the boys have fun. Buy a few whiskey bottles from all over the world, arrange them on a (manly) tray, and label each bottle accordingly (the year of production and the location of the distillery). Add more manly things such as twister, video games, cigars, and horror movies and enjoy the evening, boys!

Organising a good stag party is not an easy job and you are probably going to need some help. Include friends and family members in the plan, have a few extra pairs of hands (and feet) you can count on, and things are going to work out great. Having a great time is what this party is all about so don’t forget to relax and enjoy the evening.