3 Major Things for a Successful Stag Party

Girls, girls, girls! The holy trinity of any stag party! If only it were as simple as that. However, you need a lot more variety than that to turn a stag party into an authentic, unforgettable experience the groom will cherish forever. While girls should be a crucial element that brings testosterone and alcohol together to work in harmony in making long-lasting memories and entice the future husband to doubt his decisions for just a split second, they are but a piece of the stag party puzzle.

Here are the three simple yet crucial guidelines you need to follow to make this night the night of your best friend’s life.

Quality booze and manly activities

Beer is life. But, beer is also a Tuesday night’s beverage. So, unless you want the crowd to get hammered too early and spend more time emptying their bladders than partying, you will want to skip the light stuff and stick to manly drinks.

Moreover, quality should define your stag party, not quantity. No matter how much imported beer you buy, it could never compete with an old bottle of his favourite whiskey. Hard liquor is not only classy, but it also brings the entire ambience to a new level of sophistication to go along with your ungodly activities. Besides, it keeps the hangover at bay and lets the crowd slowly reach the desired level of inebriation.

You need to engage the crew, especially the groom, to partake in some manly activities in order to unwind, loosen up and let the demons out before he steps through the gates of marriage – never underestimate how nervous he might be, so try to make it easier for him.

These activities can be anything from extreme sports to sipping whiskey and playing poker before the main event later in the evening. However, what you definitely should do is make the party a whole-day event. So, start with dirt biking in the morning, move onto paintball in the afternoon, and then proceed to the main event in the evening.

Leave nothing to the imagination

lady on a bar worktop








Remember when you read somewhere that anticipation is better than the actual thing? That you should tease the senses and tickle the imagination? Yeah, forget about all that. You are men, for god’s sake, and men want to see some skin! Your best mate will have the rest of his life to be unwillingly deprived of nudity, and you should give him that last glimmer of perfection before the curtain of monogamy is finally drawn for good.

You’re probably thinking about strippers at this point, right? Wrong. Strippers are fun, granted, but only for an hour. What you actually need are topless waitresses to serve you the entire evening. You can find and pick the most gorgeous Sydney nude waitress to wait on you all night long, keep the party going, and make that night the best stag party in the world!

Awesome tunes and ambience

Lastly, you need to create the perfect setting to complement the aforementioned pieces and complete the puzzle. The first thing you need is an awesome playlist, or better yet, an awesome band that can play your playlist! Stick to the quality music please, and let Eminem rest undisturbed in your past. If you want to create a manly ambience, then stick to manly music, such as rock n’ roll, and make sure there are some heavy and energetic beats to bring the party to its boiling point.

Complete the entire ambience by picking the perfect venue, dim the lights and put up a programmable light show to easily transition from a classy poker game into an off-the-hook party!


A stag party can be good or it can be legendary – you want to be the guy that organised a legendary send-off for his best friend into the calm waters of marriage. Follow these essential guidelines and you will be retelling the stories from that stag night for decades to come.