Cheap Stag Nights You Can Afford

December 13, 2012 Geoff 1

What do you need for a stag night? Some mates, some booze, some t-shirts with the grooms’ face on them, a 40 foot long stretch hummer, tickets to Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix and […]

5 Stag Dares for the Stag and Staggers

November 27, 2012 Geoff 1

Love is a roller coaster the song says. Well so is marriage.  Except this rollercoaster involves strapping yourself into a life of sensible adventures; trips to IKEA, dinner with the in-laws or other married couples. […]

6 Winning Stag Party Planning Tips

November 15, 2012 Geoff 1

Is your best friend living his last days of freedom? In case he has just decided that you will be his best man and put you in charge of the important task of organizing his […]

What Makes a Perfect Stag Night Costume?

November 11, 2012 Geoff 1

In 43AD Emperor Claudius landed on the South English Coast with several thousand Roman Legionnaires.  All dressed the same in shiny leather miniskirts, bright red capes and waving their banners so they could see each […]

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