A man’s guide to marriage: How to survive the best man’s duties

You have been through so much together, so without any hesitation, you have accepted to be a best man at his wedding.

A list of best man’s duties will depend on the bride and groom that you’re dealing with. Some of them will leave to you to pay for guest transport on the wedding day, for a bachelor party, for the church ceremony, for the rings, etc… Before you jump through the window or go search online for “how to apply for a credit”, take into account the fact that almost all newlyweds pay these expenses themselves.

Best man’s duties can be classified into three groups: before the wedding and at the ceremony and at the reception. All of them can go wrong, but do not panic, there are a few tricks that can help you with surviving these duties.

How to survive the best man's duties

Before the wedding

  • Helping the groom with the suit

Ok, maybe shopping is not your favorite activity indoors, but this is one of the duties that you have to do. You should know that in stores with male suits and associated equipment, usually work very nice-looking saleswoman, which will make this experience less painful.

  • Organizing a bachelor party

Accept groom’s help in organizing a bachelor party wholeheartedly, if offered, or asks for it if you think you need help. If you do so, the chances of party becoming a total failure are greatly reduced. You are preparing a surprise party for the groom? Involve him at least in compiling a list of those who will have the honor to attend this memorable event, because even the best plans quite easily gets ruined by the unwanted guests.

If you organize a party at your house, you should cover your furniture with something waterproof and get comfortable floor rugs for the bathroom, because some of the guests will, surely, take a little nap on the bathroom floor, before they continue to party.

  • Be groom’s moral support

When you spot signs of stress on the groom, your duty is to take him to the pub as soon as possible and listen sympathetically everything that he has to share with you. If you are wondering, there is no help for your stress.

How to survive the best man's duties

At the ceremony

  • Ensure that the groom has perfect timing

Make sure that the groom gets on time at the designated place on his wedding day. Getting late on your own wedding is not an option.

  • Don’t lose wedding rings

Sitting or standing beside the groom during the ceremony and holding the wedding rings until the pledges are exchanged, sounds simple enough, right? You would not believe how many times have best man lost the rings. Find a safe place for the rings and double-check that your pockets don’t have holes in them.

How to survive the best man's duties

At the reception

  • Speech and toast

Besides the bachelor party, one of the funniest moments of the wedding, at least for the newlyweds and the rest of the guests, is your speech. You guessed it, this is the moment when all participants are watching you very carefully. Alcohol can help you a lot with giving the speech, but be careful not to overdo with it.

  • Do not let the groom get wasted

It would be nice that groom remembers his own wedding, your mission is to help him with this. Don’t let him get wasted!

  • Have fun

Enjoy the party! Not just because of the organization of the wedding, from that day onwards, is a part of your past, but because it is one of the happiest days in your friend’s life.