London Stag Dos

Does this sound like you? You’re considering a London Stag Do, and you know Britain’s capital has tons to offer… but you’re also intimidated by stories of angry locals and marauding tourists, not to mention […]

West London Stag Weekends

West London – is this gleaming quadrant of our fair capital really just a hot-bed of slick-haired millionaire playboys, creepy oil magnates and posh, pashmina-wrapped princesses with inexplicably husky voices? Does it have anything to […]

East London Stag Weekends

In part two of our London Stag Weekends odyssey, we venture to the east of the city, where the trousers are tighter and the beards are bushier. Enjoy! DRINKING London’s East side boasts a boistrous […]

North London Stag Weekends

There are plenty of Norths you’d be unlikely to pick for a Stag Do. North Dakota. The Northern Lights. Erm… North Korea. But there is one you can most definitely rely on for a weekend […]

South London Stag Weekends

Ask yourself this question, my friends – why get yourself mugged by an ageing hooker in Prague, or wake up in a skip performing activities you’ll probably regret with a Bangkok ladyboy, when you could […]

Top 4 London Markets

London and shopping go together like two peas in a pod. Like most capital cosmopolitan cities London has a diverse array of shops for all tastes and budgets. One of the most pleasing things to […]