Cheap Stag Nights You Can Afford

What do you need for a stag night? Some mates, some booze, some t-shirts with the grooms’ face on them, a 40 foot long stretch hummer, tickets to Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix and […]

5 Stag Dares for the Stag and Staggers

Love is a roller coaster the song says. Well so is marriage.  Except this rollercoaster involves strapping yourself into a life of sensible adventures; trips to IKEA, dinner with the in-laws or other married couples. […]

Who To Invite on the Stag Do?

The bride’s sister-in-law tried to infiltrate the stag do incognito As a best man, once you get over the euphoria of being asked to be best man, one of the first tasks is to decide […]

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