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The Best Man Rules and 6 Pranks for Guys with Balls

best man helping bridegroom with lapel flowersThe Best Man holds an interesting place in any wedding. The same amount of recognition as the Maid of Honour, but (in my experience, and discovery through asking multiple women) not nearly the pressure or workload, or expectations. Where this skewing in responsibility comes from is tough to put a finger on. Perhaps men are just naturally more laid back, and a best man comes along as more of a sidekick than a party-planning committee.

Tips for Best Man Speech

You’re the best man and it’s time to write your speech. When you play the fool and make the audience laugh, feel a little light relief knowing you follow in a noble tradition? In the Battle of Sluys which began the 100 years war in the 14th century, the entire French fleet was sunk by the English.  King Philip of France’s ministers were terrified of how to tell him. In the end it fell to his court jester to say the English were cowards who ‘don’t even have the guts to jump into the water like our brave French.’